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Activity Blog 3018Altona

14 May

3018 ALTONA 3018 Altona sb 14 May 2022

36kg plus a 25kg bag of flour A bit wet and windy for proper sorting to be done and recent cold wet weather has clearly kept the usual beach visitors away.
06 Mar

3018 ALTONA 3018 Altona beach and surrounds SB 06 Mar 2022

Blowing a gale and overcast, but a big turnout today and we got very close to our record thumper from a couple of weeks ago. Timed to coincide with clean up Australia Day, we also also crossed over w...
20 Feb

3018 ALTONA 3018 altona beach sb 20 Feb 2022

It was a busy day on Altona beach - the little nippers we’re having a major event, the cold conscious people were trying to freeze themselves and there was also a school cycling event taking place. I...
30 Jan

3018 ALTONA 3018 altona beach esplanade 30 Jan 2022

This clean was supposed to just be about finding out how bad our problem with plastic utensils was. All of the other stuff here was just incidental! Among random stuff were 3 pairs flip flops and a pa...
23 Jan

3018 ALTONA 3018 Altona beach 23 Jan 2022

It’s been a relatively quiet summer but still plenty of waste from beach visitors. We also found 1 council sign frame under the pier, plus 1 beach tent, nappies, wet wipes and the usual yuck.