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It is the philosophy of the BeachPatrol to work with their local councils to encourage them to keep their beaches and streets clean.

Activity Blog 3199Frankston

31 Oct

3199 FRANKSTON 3199 Frankston Pier to end of Gould St 31 Oct 2021

Rope x2 shoelace x 1 mask covid x2 glove x1 tennis ball x1 building construction litter x 2 teabag x1 CORRECTION: hard plastics less than 5cm :272 and hard plastics greater than 5 cm: 17
30 Oct

3199 FRANKSTON 3199 Oliver’s Hill 30 Oct 2021

Coffee Cup lids - 4 Unusual item-8kg tyre wedged in rocks.
15 Aug

3199 FRANKSTON frankston pier to end of Gould St 15 Aug 2021

Pens x 2 Aerosol can lids x2 Primasx2 Corona mask x2 Tennis ball x1