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It is the philosophy of the BeachPatrol to work with their local councils to encourage them to keep their beaches and streets clean.

Activity Blog 3184Elwood

05 Dec

3184 Elwood 3184 Elwood residential streets 05 Dec 2021

On quiet streets, you don't expect to see litter. Yet, it's there; needing to be removed from the environment. Near a building site were gaffer tape, tile spacers, caulking nozzle snips, plastic wrap...
04 Dec

3184 Elwood 3184 Elwood Junction: shops and nearby streets 04 Dec 2021

Lovely to see members who have not been able to join us for a while. Polystyrene beads too numerous to count, derived from a building site in Ruskin St. Numerous soft plastic wrappers from frozen icy...
24 Nov

3184 Elwood 3184 Clarke Reserve, Elwood 24 Nov 2021

Most wrappers in vegetation around play ground. U name it = edge trimmer line fragments.
06 Nov

3184 Elwood 3184 Elwood Village and surrounds 06 Nov 2021

Great to be back in action as a group: remarkable what four volunteers can achieve in just one hour.
03 Sep

3184 Elwood 3184 Elwood: one block - Byron, Southey, Clarke and Mitford Streets 03 Sep 2021

Individual clean before predicted heavy rain. Some heavy objects, but soft plastics were most numerous after cigarette butts. Hadn't cleaned this stretch for a month.