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An app to allow you to record your plastic item litter collections and have their results contribute to policy changes



The Litter Stopper phone application supports groups and individuals to collect data about litter and share it accurately and effortlessly with other interested parties to influence policy makers and ultimately protect the environment we all live in. By providing a recording method, users will develop a better understanding of the litter situation, what needs to be done and why they should care. Anyone can use it, they just need an email address to receive their data sent back to them. We know many people pick up litter and their valiant efforts go undocumented most of the time. The app now gives them the ability have it recorded and therefore to know their efforts are contributing to governments making decisions to look after our environment.

LitterStopper records up to to 28 of the common littered plastic items. Once the items have been entered, a copy of the data is emailed back to the person collecting the rubbish and a copy is stored on a common database which can be found on LitterStopper.com. The information on the database is available for all to see or download and use. A summary page on LitterStopper.com also highlights the frequency that each item is counted.

Download the full instuctions.

LItterStopper Instructions

Flexible Clean Recording Options For Various Detail Level Of Rubbish Sorting

Four options are available to select from to record you clean results.

  1. No Sorting Clean only, For this option you only count the number of bags or rubbish and how many kgs there were.
  2. Standard BP/LOS Clean, For this option you count how many bags and kgs you collected plus sort out the drink bottles and cans and coffee cups & their lids and count those too. This type of data is aimed at supporting Container Deposit Schemes and raising awareness of the litter of the high number of coffee cups.
  3. Full Audit Clean, In this option you collect the bags and weigh how many kgs were collected then sort it into 28 different plastic items and enter their counts. This can take some time to perform.
  4. Partial Audit Clean, In this option you can select a subset of the Full Audit of 28 items. So for example you may want only search for bottle tops, straws and plastic bottles. This selection option allows you to present only those items you want to count, and the other items will be greyed out and cannot have data entered on to them.


Registered Groups

Groups who perform frequent cleans can have their groups preregistered in the app. This saves them from reentering their common group information every clean

Other Features of the App

You can add a photo from your photo gallery Record the GPS readings of you clean location The user gets emailed a copy of their submitted data automatically. Each page has a drop-down menu of instructions

Links for downloading

Manual Recording Still Needs To Be Done Sometimes

Sometimes in inclement weather or you have multiple groups cleaning the one site for example, it is easier to still record on a manual recording sheet then transfer it into the app later on. A manual recording sheet can be downloaded here.

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