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BeachPatrol can work with your corporate group. We can, put on presentations about plastic litter, what it is doing to our environment and marine life.

"Thank you so much for a great and eye opening day! In my personal life I am so much more conscious of my behaviour and in our professional life we are motivated to make a difference!"

We can also take staff out on a beach or street litter for a survey. During these exercises the people work in small groups along the beach or street to record the litter count and type using BeachPatrol survey sheets. At the end of the survey the sheets are collated and the staff work out the total litter picked up in that session and what the litter types are. This provides a great education to them and helps show them how to cut back on our common problem waste items. Donations to cover BeachPatrol staff time and are gratefully accepted. They are not taxable deductible at the moment.

Contact us for when organizing your next corporate social responsibility event.

For more details on Corporate cleans, please download the PDF link here.

Recent Corporate Activities

Activity Date Company # of Volunteers Event Description Image
10 Dec 2021 Puma Australia 100

A successful beach clean with Puma, unfortunately we did not have enough bags for each individual person but asked to join a group with a bag. Provided all participants with disposable gloves with roughly 100 Puma workers turned up for the clean. We did not hand out pick up sticks, but had two on hand for any undesirable items. We only focused in on certain items but thousands of soft plastics were also removed from the beach and foreshore at Green Point.   This coroporate clean was run by the team at Hampton (3188) Beachpatrol.

Some the items they counted were 63 glass bottles, 90 plastic bottles, 123 cans, 73 PPE items, 120 food containers, 36 straws, 22 coffee cups, 21 other drink cups and 43 plastic cutlery items


09 Dec 2021 HSBC 9

A group of 9 volunteers from HSBC bank  cleaned a Middle Park beach for 35 mins where they collected   571 items, 318 of those hard small bits.   They then moved back up to the streets for 30 mins collecting another 509 items, of this were 173 butts & 107 food wrappers.


26 Nov 2021 AESOP 8

8 staff came out to clean a beach in Port Melbourne.  At the start, they first thought it was a clean beach,  but after 1679 pieces of plastic were removed (including 275 pieces of hard small plastics, 252 nurdles, 45 straws & 47 bottle lids) they changed their minds.

29 Apr 2021 Mars 18

18 Volunteers from Mars Australia  came out to perform a beach clean in Port Melbourne today.   They collected over 4100 pieces of plastic rubbish, in 28 different categories, on approx 300 m of beach.  Items included 76 straws, 11 balloons, 380 pieces of polystyrene, 89 bottle tops, and 343 food wrappers.

29 Mar 2021 Mulesoft 16

Liam and his work team at MuleSoft volunteered their services for a corporate clean at Mentone Beach yesterday. It’s great to have support from businesses such as MuleSoft to help in removing as much litter as we can from the environment. A good day was had by all and in the end the 16 volunteers picked up 9 bags of rubbish weighing 44.3kgs including 75 bottles and cans.

25 Feb 2021 Newman College 32

32 Students came together to clean the CBD along the river banks of the Yarra river.  This is the 3rd year they have come out to do this clean.

Glass bottles x 9, Plastic bottles x 20, Cans x 19, PPE x 10, Butts x 960

10 Dec 2020 Ave Point 9

9 Volunteers from Ave Point came out to clean a beach in Port Melbourne.  They performed a full audit to categorise all the  862 pieces plastic items they collected.

06 Mar 2020 AESOP 10

AESOP cleaned a beach in Port Melbourne. They collected 1159 peices of plastic and performed a full audit into 24 different categories to identify the types of plastic rubbish washing in.

26 Feb 2020 Newman College 26 These students cleaned along the banks and streets of the Yarra north side in the CBD. Plastic bottles 62 Cans 21 Glass 12 Coffee cups and lids 21 lids, 20 cups 14 bags rubbish 5 bags of recycling
07 Feb 2020 Mars Australia 18 Mars came out to the New Beach in Port Melbourne today. A good day to see the magnitude of the problem. In approx 60 mins they collected 5700 peices of plastic off the beach tide line. 23 of the 24 item types list for LitterStopper reporting were found. The beach was quite a mess before we started byt much better after the end.