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07 Mar

3188 HAMPTON Green Point Brighton Beach 07 Mar 2021

Type Of Clean: Total Items Counted: Location: Notes:
Full Audit Clean 3007 Green Point Brighton Beach Thank you to all our amazing volunteers for their efforts today. Beautiful sunny morning with slight fog over the bay. 42 volunteers turned out for Clean Up Australia Day @ Green Point Car park, Brighton Beach. Clearing a massive 60kgs worth of rubbish; 267 recyclables and too many cigarettes to count. Special shout out to #3186Beachpatrol, #3188LoveOurStreet and Friends of Bayside Roads for helping to host the event. Save the date: Sunday 4th of April 2021 at Small Street, end of the ramp for 9am start. Please wear appropriate clothing for the predicted weather, drink bottle, gloves, pick up sticks and bags. Don’t forget to be SunSmart. Everyone welcome to join 😊
Bottle Glass Drink: Bottle Plastic Drink: Can Metal Drink: PPE Items:
90 58 63 26
Hard Bits > 5cm: Hard Bits < 5cm: Soft Pieces > 5cm: Soft Pieces < 5cm:
100 70 300 450
Micro Plastic < 5mm: Food Wrapper: Food Container: Lollipop Stick:
0 110 30 0
Sauce Pack: Bags Plastic: Bag Ziplock: Straw:
0 7 5 50
Bottle Top: Bottle Label: Cup Coffee: Cup Other:
134 0 0 0
Balloon: Cutlery: Bait Bag: Fishing Items:
0 25 0 80
Poly/Foam: Butt Cigarette: Cigarette Packs & Wrappers: Syringe:
0 1310 5 0
Cotton Bud: Building Items: Nurdles: U Name It:
0 22 19 53
Latitude: Longitude: Time(hh:mm): No Of People:
-37.9393 145.0005 04:00 42
Person Hrs: Kgs: Total Bags (12L): Audited Bags (12L):
168:00 60 42.0 42.0
Length (m): Width (m): Area (m2):  
3000 50 150000