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3186Elsternwick Park Yalukit Willam

Elsternwick Park / Yalukit Willam Reserve is a significant open space on the banks of Elster Creek in the north of the City of Bayside, bordering Cities of Port Phillip and Glen Eira.

Following the closure of a former golf course in June 2018, the northern section of this park was set aside to be established as a nature reserve and flood mitigation basin. The park is a local biodiverse habitat zone.

Members of 3186 Elsternwick Park Yalukit Willam Love Our Street are keen to protect the park’s wildlife from litter hazards and to prevent litter entering Elster Creek, which leads directly into Elwood Canal and Port Phillip Bay.

This is a wonderful place to be involved in the Love Our Street/BeachPatrol movement: we are often treated to sightings of gorgeous birds, including our emblematic Great Egret.

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4 Aug

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Address - Elsternwick Park 3186, Bayside - Meet at the St Kilda St entrance to the Reserve, near the bridge