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As the importance of BeachPatrol and Love Our Street grows, we are getting more and more media attention. We need media attention to broaden the reach of our cause. The more that people understand the problem with plastic, it’s littering, its impact on wildlife in the oceans and on land the sooner we will get behaviour change. The more public awareness we generate the more the various government departments and industry will pay attention to our causes.

Recent Media Releases

Release Date Media Name Media Type Subject Story Image
25 Sep 2019 Docklands News News Paper


01 Sep 2019 What's Up In The West Local News Paper

Local MP Tim Watts on a BeachPatrol Clean

05 Aug 2019 Port Phillip Leader News Paper

BeachPatrol releasd a phone app called Litter Stopper to allow any one to record their plastic litter pick ups. Using the phone makes it easy and fast to use on site. The data is stored on the Litterstopper.com website for all to see.