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06 Mar

3018 ALTONA 3018 Altona beach and surrounds SB 06 Mar 2022

Type Of Clean: Total Items Counted: Location: Notes:
Partial Audit 2421 Altona beach and surrounds SB Blowing a gale and overcast, but a big turnout today and we got very close to our record thumper from a couple of weeks ago. Timed to coincide with clean up Australia Day, we also also crossed over with the Conservation Volunteers Australia group. You name it items! 1 trolley and a plastic bag full of sand (not weighed, but the addition of which would have meant another broken record). Also a charming pair of girls jelly shoes that had been left under the pier. Thanks to all our volunteers - lots of familiar faces and a few newbies. Also lots of interest. To the lady who’s bike went haywire - we hope you’re ok and that we see in April.
Bottle Glass Drink: Bottle Plastic Drink: Can Metal Drink: PPE Items:
120 152 146 -
Hard Bits > 5cm: Hard Bits < 5cm: Soft Pieces > 5cm: Soft Pieces < 5cm:
- - - -
Micro Plastic < 5mm: Food Wrapper: Food Container: Lollipop Stick:
- - - -
Sauce Pack: Bags Plastic: Bag Ziplock: Straw:
- - - -
Bottle Top: Bottle Label: Cup Coffee: Cup Other:
- - - -
Balloon: Cutlery: Bait Bag: Fishing Items:
- - - -
Poly/Foam: Butt Cigarette: Cigarette Packs & Wrappers: Syringe:
- 2001 - -
Cotton Bud: Building Items: Nurdles: U Name It:
- - - 2
Latitude: Longitude: Time(hh:mm): No Of People:
-37.8706 144.8302 01:00 25
Person Hrs: Kgs: Total Bags (12L): Audited Bags (12L):
25:00 69 40.0 40.0
Length (m): Width (m): Area (m2):  
2000 30 60000