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As the importance of BeachPatrol and Love Our Street grows, we are getting more and more media attention. We need media attention to broaden the reach of our cause. The more that people understand the problem with plastic, it’s littering, its impact on wildlife in the oceans and on land the sooner we will get behaviour change. The more public awareness we generate the more the various government departments and industry will pay attention to our causes.

Recent Media Releases

Release Date Media Name Media Type Subject Story Image
01 Mar 2021 Frankston News Local News Paper

Congratulations to 3198 Seaford Beach Patrol, who received a $1,000 Environmental Sustainability Grant through Council’s Community and Business Support Grant Program.

10 Feb 2021 Stay Weekly News Paper

What better way to show Mother Nature that you can than spending an hour doing something for her  on Valentine's Day.

25 Nov 2020 The Standard News Paper

Three years to the day since its inception, Beach Patrol 3280 took out the Inspiring Community Engagement and Education honour in the Victorian Marine and Coastal Awards. Link

20 Nov 2020 ABC Melbourne Radio Radio

Short Intrview on the situation of Mask littered in the environment.

19 Nov 2020 Herald Sun News Paper

Beach Patrol president Ross Headifen, who with wife Ramona has personally collected 130 masks in the Port Melbourne area since mid-September, said the environmental group’s volunteers reported dumped face masks was a growing issue.
They were typically discarded on the roadside or median strips, with many washing into stormwater and finding their way into the Yarra River and Port Phillip Bay. “We pick up masks every time we go out,’’ Mr Headifen said. “I would say it’s mostly people dropping them, them blowing out of the car or dropping them on the ground. “It’s just very disappointing. “You would think people would pay more attention.”The harm to wildlife, such as fish and birds which could be entangled in ear loops, could be enormous. “Because  hey have two loops on them it makes them quite dangerous,’’ Mr Headifen said. “It’s just sad people are that careless.”

03 Nov 2020 Mornington News News Paper

Several of the Mornington Peninsula BeachPatroll groups took  part in the Spring Clean Your Patch  event in October.  We asked people to go out and clean around their own local area for an hour and enter their collection data into the LitterStopper app where it was uploaded to the BeachPatrol website.

18 Oct 2020 TV Channel 9 TV

BeachPatrol organised a Spring Clean Your Patch event on 18th Oct 2020 to get people out to clean their local area of plastic litter and enter the collection data on to the LitterStopper app where it was  automatically uploaded on to the BeachPatrol website.   TV Channel 9 ran a news article on it.

18 Oct 2020 TV Channel 10 Channel 10 Twitter feed

Beachpatrol conducted a Spring Clean Your Patch event in Oct 2020 to get people to go out around their area and clean up plastic litter for an hour.  The data was entered onto the Litter Stopper phone app which then automatically submitted it on to the BeachPatrol website.

15 Oct 2020 Warrnambool standard News Paper

BeachPatrol Warrnambool calls for volunteer help with Spring Clean Your Patch cleanup.

Beach Patrol's Colleen Hughson wants volunteers to don gloves, masks and unfurl bags
to take to their streets, parks and beaches on Sunday to remove single-use plastic litter
as part of a Spring Clean Your Patch event

03 Mar 2020 Kingston News Letter Local News Paper

BeachPatrol was mentioned in the Kingston Council News Letter this past week. THi covers, Mordiallos, Mentone, Parkdale, Aspendale and Chelsea groups.