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BeachPatrol provides organisations with meaningful opportunities to give back to the community

Our corporate volunteering program

Activate, connect & engage

BeachPatrol's corporate volunteering program supports organisations in achieving their corporate social responsibility & sustainability goals. Activating colleagues in pursuit of a common goal is a great way to connect and build strong teams. Not to mention the positive impact on the environment!

"Thank you so much for a great and eye opening day! In my personal life I am so much more conscious of my behaviour and in our professional life we are motivated to make a difference!"

We can host education sessions about plastic litter and its impact to our environment and marine life.

We can also take staff out on a beach or street litter surveying experience. During these exercises your employees work in small groups along the beach or street to record the litter using BeachPatrol survey sheets. At the end of the survey the sheets are collated and the teams spend time categorising and documenting the litter picked up in that session. This provides a great engagement opportunity and raises awareness around how to reduce common problem waste items. 

A non-tax deductible donation is requested to support BeachPatrol's ongoing operational costs. For more details on our Corporate program, please download the brochure here.

Contact us for any questions and to discuss how BeachPatrol can support your organisation.


Recent Corporate Activities

Activity Date Company # of Volunteers Event Description Image
25 Mar 2023 Oxfam Universtiy of Melbourne 12

These 12 cleaned a beach in Port Melbourne  for 75 mins.   They performed a full audit and the collections inlcuided incl 613 food wrappers, 637 hard small, 474 soft large, 84 bottle tops, 224 nurdles

14 Mar 2023 BUPA Aged Care Port Melbourne 3

3 patients came out to the beach to perform a clean.

26 Feb 2023 ICBC 23

In just an hour the group collected 15.5kg of litter, including: 9 plastic bottles, 21 glass bottles, 27 cans, 17 coffee cups. Great effort, especially as many of the team came from far afield!

17 Feb 2023 CSL Behring 22

22 staff came to New Beach in Port Melb for a corporate clean.  They collected 6 glass, 80 plastic and 12 cans, 27 plastic bags, 64 bottle tops plus other items.  1194 items in total.

07 Dec 2022 Nomad Coffee Group 15

15 volunteers from Nomad came out to clean along Gardiners Creek in Glen Iris.   They collected 217 butts, 17 glass, 20 plastic, 24 cans, 24 coffee cups/lids

Total of 1185 pieces – full audit, 39.8kg

06 Dec 2022 Zendesk 3

3 more volunteers came out to clean up a Port Melbourne beach.   They spent 80 mins picking up 3008 peices of plastic incluing 257 Nurdles, 115 plastic straws, 96 bottle tops and 26 bags.  Plus 960 pieces of hard plastic and 762 pieces of soft plastic

02 Dec 2022 Mars Wrigley 21

21 volunteers cleaned a St Kilda beach removing 10 kg including; 

7 Coffee Cups , 2 Glass Bottles, 5 Metal Cans, 56 Plastic Straws, 10 Plastic Bottles, 21 Plastic Cups, 23 Plastic Lids, 3 PPE, 200+ pieces of Soft Plastics

01 Dec 2022 Culture AMP 41

41 staff cleaned up streets around Richmond. Together they removed 1759 peices of plasric litter including 159 bottles and cans, 12 PPE, 100 food wrappers, 42 coffee cups, 85 plastsic bags and 1331 butts.

29 Nov 2022 Mars 9

9 Volunteers removed 1218 pieces of plastic from a Port Melbourne beach. 436 bits of hard plastic, 303 pieces of soft plastic, 129 food wrappers and more.

25 Nov 2022 Orora 20

We hosted a corporate clean at Sandringham beach last Friday with Mark and his team from Orora. The plan was to get together as a group and do a bit of good for the world. After 90 minutes of collecting 20 volunteers managed to pick up 16 bags of rubbish weighing 53.8kgs including 97 bottles and cans.