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Activity Blog 3188Hampton

08 Jul
08 Jan

3188 HAMPTON 3188 Greenpoint 08 Jan 2022

Quick highlight: 3188 Beach Patrol crew kicked off the new year gathering at Green Point on Sunday 9th of January 2022. 16Kgs worth of rubbish; 142 recyclables, lots of cigarette butts, 47 Nangs and...
10 Dec

3188 HAMPTON 3188 Green Point 10 Dec 2021

Corporate clean with Puma Australia.
05 Dec

3188 HAMPTON 3188 Sandringham Dog Beach 05 Dec 2021

Quick highlight: To say goodbye to 2021, our December destination was The dog beach (next to Sandringham Yacht club, it was a beautiful sunny morning. The crew enjoyed a lovely coffee afterwards at t...