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NSW to get Container Depost Scheme

The Baird Government in NSW has just announced they will introduce cash for containers recycling in NSW! Today is a great day for the environment.   Now every littered bottle will be worth 10 cents.  Bottle litter will vanish in a few months.  recycling will go from 20% to over 80%.  (Just yesterday Port Melbourne 3207BP picked dup 116 bottles in an hour).What a fantastic improvement this will be for all.

Now We need to convince our new Vic government that this is essential here too to clean up our highly littered beaches, parks and road ways.

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Beach Patrol on Weekend Notes

Debbie Lustig (an enhustiastic 3182/3184/3186 member) has written an artilce about Beach Patrol on Weekend Notes. Thanks to Debbie for doing this and lets hope it encourages more people to join in!


Here is the link to the article -

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