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Helps out with 3207 Management

Port Melbourne Film Night about Port Phillip Bay

3207 Beach Patrol joined forces with the ‘Creatures of the Bay’ project to hold a film night, featuring two locally made films about our Port Phillip Bay

Experiment - Plastic Bay

Experiment - Plastic Bay   An experiment by BeachPatrol to quantity how much plastic is in the Port Phillip Bay.

Bye Bye Coke

Bye Bye Coke.   This company has an appalling record on the environment with their cans and bottles polluting every where, causing ocean plastic problems and their refusal to support a Cash for Container scheme that would fix the problem very efficiently at no cost.  Plus the contents of the bottle with the very high sugar content is having dire health effects on people and they refuse to acknowledge that too. Video available.

Big Awards Day for BeachPatrol

Today was Australia Day.    Our Kingston and Bayside groups each won the Community group of the year award from their respective councils.  Excellent effort from all these volunteer groups.  Hopefully it shows the increasing importance being placed on litter and plastic waste entering our oceans.

City of Kingston Beachpatrol groups win nonimination for City of Kingston Community Groups Australia Day Awards

Our 5 BeachPatrol groups in the City of Kingston area were collectively nominated in this years Australia Day awards the council awards to groups in its region.  Well done to Mentone, Parkdale, Aspendale, Chelsea and our new Mordialloc groups.

3 Beachpatrol groups unite for a joint clean

Members of 3 different Beachpatrol groups joined together with another local volunteer group on Sat 7th Nov for a clean in Newport

Beachpatrol makes it as a finalist in VCC annual awards

Beachpatrol has been selected as a finalist in this years Victorian Coastal Awards for Excellence for 2015.  Sponsored by the Victorian Coastal Council who;

Ensure the protection and enhancement of Victoria's coastal and marine areas.

6,700 Beachpatrol groups needed

6,700 Beachpatrol groups needed.    Eight million tonnes of plastic are going into the ocean each year

NSW to get Container Depost Scheme

The Baird Government in NSW has just announced they will introduce cash for containers recycling in NSW! Today is a great day for the environment.   Now every littered bottle will be worth 10 cents.  Bottle litter will vanish in a few months.  recycling will go from 20% to over 80%.  (Just yesterday Port Melbourne 3207BP picked dup 116 bottles in an hour).What a fantastic improvement this will be for all.

Now We need to convince our new Vic government that this is essential here too to clean up our highly littered beaches, parks and road ways.

Butt litterers get a salient message

The lazy people who drop their cigarette butts in Albert Park received a clear sign this weekend to make the effort and walk a few meters to put their butts in the bin where they belong.  Is it that hard?  Really?

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