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40,000 Littered Cans and Bottles Picked up. We need a CDS!

For the BeachPatrol group in 2019 we counted at least 39,564 bottles and cans that has been littered on beaches and streets that we picked up.  Some groups has not reported their EOY data either by this date.    Is there any question that Victoria needs a Cash for Containers scheme?  

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Federal Environment Minister joins BeachPatrol in a Beach Plastic Rubbish Survey

On 21 Jan 2019 the Federal Environment Minister along with 2 local members came to partake in the Every other Day tide line survey we do of a 35 m long section of beach in Port Melbourne. 

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Why Victoria Needs a Container Deposit Scheme

BeachPatrol was involved in making  video about plastic rubbish and why we need a container deposit scheme in Victoria.

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What does BeachPatrol and Love Our Street do Video

A light entertaining short video on what BeachPatrol and Love Our street do.

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The Last Plastic Straw

3207Beachpatrol in conjunction with others has started a 3 month trial along Bay St. Port Melbourne.   Nine cafes and restaurants are replacing their plastic straws with paper straws. We find so many plastic straws on the beaches.

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A Photographic Delight

See the fantastic colours and marine life in our own Port Phillip Bay.  Melbourne down under books and DVD for sale by BeachPatrol

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Port Melbourne Film Night about Port Phillip Bay

3207 Beach Patrol joined forces with the ‘Creatures of the Bay’ project to hold a film night, featuring two locally made films about our Port Phillip Bay

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Experiment - Plastic Bay

Experiment - Plastic Bay   An experiment by BeachPatrol to quantity how much plastic is in the Port Phillip Bay.

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Bye Bye Coke

Bye Bye Coke.   This company has an appalling record on the environment with their cans and bottles polluting every where, causing ocean plastic problems and their refusal to support a Cash for Container scheme that would fix the problem very efficiently at no cost.  Plus the contents of the bottle with the very high sugar content is having dire health effects on people and they refuse to acknowledge that too. Video available.

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Big Awards Day for BeachPatrol

Today was Australia Day.    Our Kingston and Bayside groups each won the Community group of the year award from their respective councils.  Excellent effort from all these volunteer groups.  Hopefully it shows the increasing importance being placed on litter and plastic waste entering our oceans.

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