LOS 3186EP Elsternwick Park

Love Our Street 3186EP Elsternwick Park.

Elsternwick Park is a significant open space on the banks of Elster Creek in the north of the City of Bayside, bordering Cities of Port Phillip and Glen Eira.

Following the closure of a former golf course in June 2018, the northern section of this park was set aside to be established as a nature reserve and flood mitigation basin. The park is a local biodiverse habitat zone.

Members of Elsternwick Park Love Our Street 3186 are keen to protect the park’s wildlife from litter hazards and to prevent litter entering Elster Creek, which leads directly into Elwood Canal and Port Phillip Bay.

This is a wonderful place to be involved in the Love Our Street/Beach patrol movement: we are often treated to sightings of gorgeous birds, including our emblematic Great Egret.

How much difference has LOS 3186EP group made in this year?

Kgs of rubbish collected Shopping bags of rubbish Volunteer Hours Bottles & cans
130 94 88 239

How much difference has LOS 3186EP made in previous years?

Kgs of rubbish collected Shopping bags of rubbish Volunteer Hours Bottles & cans

Most Recent LOS 3186EP Group Activities

Elsternwick Park Love Our Street (EPLOS) 3186 Casual Clean August by 3184-1@loveourstreet.com.au

From northern entrance around the lake in the Nature Reserve

Elsternwick Park Love Our Street (EPLOS) 3186 by 3184-1@loveourstreet.com.au

Fathers' Day and still 11 volunteers came along to help collect over 22 kg of litter from the Nature Reserve. Concerned about the volume of polystryrene entering this lower section of Elster Creek now the flow has been restored following recent works and the number of used dog poo bags simply discarded, not binned!

Elsternwick Park Love Our Street (EPLOS) 3186 August - great turn out by 3186EP@loveourstreet.com.au

All smiles: well-deserved! Great to see everyone helping to remove so much litter from our Nature Reserve. Doubly important as Spring approaches and breeding season will see chicks and small creatures vulnerable.

Fantastic to have new members join us and to welcome Bayside Mayor Michael Heffernan with Councillors Sonia Castelli and James Long. 

Lots of beautiful birds around to thank us
Lots of pretty fungi spotted, indicating a healthy environment

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Do you have a spare hour to join us at our monthly community street cleans and do something great for the environment? You can Sign up here (select LOS3186EP in 'Contact' drop down) to become a member.  Or email us directly.  As a member you will get;

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Address - Elsternwick Park 3186, Bayside

Next LOS 3186EP Clean

Cleaning Date Time Activity Details
06-Oct-2019 10.30 am Meet at St Kilda St entrance to Nature Reserve. Dress to suit weather, including sun protection as required. Wear sturdy gloves. Children under 15 must be accompanied by an adult. Free T-shirts for new members. Stay afterwards for a cuppa in a local cafe.

Last LOS 3186EP Group Data

Activity Date No.bags litter(Kg) Hrs
01-Sep-2019 14 22 11

In this year

Most Common Items selected
Plastic chip bags and confectionary wrappers
Drink Containers. All bottles and cans for CDS count
Plastic fragments >5 cm