3207Beachpatrol Port Melbourne Beaches

3207 Beach Patrol

Helping to look after the Precious inner-city Port Melbourne beaches, 3207BeachPatrol conducts a clean along one of its 5 stretches of beach every month.

The bright blue tee shirts of the volunteers make for a colourful addition to the beaches once a month on Saturday mornings.   See BeachPatrol 3207 in action to save the local community here!

Please visit our 3207 Facebook page for more relevant information and articles.

How much difference has 3207 group made in this year?

Kgs of rubbish collectedShopping bags of rubbishVolunteer HoursBottles & cans

How much difference has 3207 group made in Previous years?

Kgs of rubbish collectedShopping bags of rubbishVolunteer HoursBottles & cans

Most Recent 3207 Group Activities

3207BP Port Melbourne August Clean by admin

On a chilly August morning over 30 volunteers came out to clean the Sandridge Beach.  At this time of the year (winter) the winds are predominately off shore hence there is little litter washing in onto the beach.  Plus there are next to no beach goers, so the main part of the beach is quite clean as well.  

3207Beachpatrol Port Melb July Clean by admin

About 40 volunteers turned out for todays clean.  Several new members including teenagers which is great to see.

3207BeachPatrol June Clean by admin

Over 40 volunteers came out for our June beach clean.  A very good crowd for the cooler winter months.  We cleaned the Port Melbourne Beach of 15 BeachPatrol bag of rubbish and 56 bottles and cans.

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3207BP Contact Details

If you live in the area and want to contribute to keeping your beaches clean then Sign up with 3207beachPatrol to become a member. As a member you will get

  • Email updates on news and upcoming activities
  • Free BeachPatrol Tee shirt
  • Share some together time at a local cafe after the 
  • beach cleaning session
  • Participate in BeachPatrol social functions

Next 3207 Beach Clean

Cleaning DateTimeActivity Details
04-Aug-20189:00amMeet at Sandridge Life Saving Club

Last 3207 Group Data

Activity DateNo. bagslitter - KgHrs

Last 3207 Group Activity

3207 Port Melbourne July Clean by information@beachpatrol.com.au

 We didn't expect many to show up, but we had 30 people come out still.  What a hardy lot.  6 new people.  
11 bags of rubbish

44 bottles and cans

2 syringes

In this year

Most Common Items selected
Plastic fragments < 5cm
Plastic fragments >5 cm
Drink Containers. All bottles and cans for CDS count

Spotting plastic nurdles

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Spotting plastic nurdles

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