3205BeachPatrol Covering the South Melbourne Beaches

3205 BeachPatrol

3205 BeachPatrol members keep the beaches and piers clear of litter in an area that ranges in South Melbourne .

Members pledge one hour of voluntary cleaning per month and also join in group clean-ups on a regular basis throughout the year.

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How much difference has 3205 group made in this year?

Kgs of rubbish collectedShopping bags of rubbishVolunteer HoursBottles & cans

How much difference has 3205 group made in Previous years?

Kgs of rubbish collectedShopping bags of rubbishVolunteer HoursBottles & cans

Most Recent 3205 Group Activities

November 3205 Beach Patrol by 3205@beachpatrol.com.au

It was a perfect day on South Melbourne Beach! Lovely weather, not too crowded with people. It looked clean, but we still found plenty of rubbish - and my first paper straw! 


3205 South Melbourne September Beach Patrol by 3205@beachpatrol.com.au

Very changable weather - funny at start, hail and high winds at the end! 

3205 South Melbourne August Beach Patrol by 3205@beachpatrol.com.au

A very cold morning might have scared away volunteers, but 7 hardy souls, plus on little dog, showed up to clean the beach. 

Strong southerly winds blew lots of drink containers onto the beach.  

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If you live in the area and want to contribute to keeping your beaches clean then Sign up with 3205BeachPatrol to become a member. As a member you will get

  • Email updates on news and upcoming activities
  • Free BeachPatrol Tee shirt
  • Share some together time at a local cafe after the 
  •     beach cleaning session
  • Participate in BeachPatrol social functions

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Plastic fragments >5 cm

Spotting plastic nurdles

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