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A finalist in several Keep Australia Beautiful's Clean Beach Awards as well as being named Victoria's Most Popular Beach, Frankston also plays host to the IRONMAN Asia-Pacific Championship and is home to Sand Sculpting Australia. 

With the assistance of Frankston City Council, 3199 Beach Patrol was founded in March 2015 With a view to sustain our local beach environment whilst protecting our delicate and unique Port Phillip marine ecosystem. 

3199 Beach Patrol's group of dedicated volunteers meet on the third Saturday of each month to clean our much loved Frankston beach. We provide a friendly and rewarding opportunity for people of all ages to participate in not only making a visual difference, but also helping to protect Port Phillip. 

Sponsorship and donation enquiries welcome via the Contact link on our website or by emailing 3199@beachpatrol.com.au New Members are always invited to register for 3199 Beach Patrol via the New Member Sign Up tab on our website.

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Most Recent 3199 Group Activities

3199 Frankston Beach Patrol January Clean by 3199@beachpatrol.com.au

We did it again - we beat the weather! 

Yes, despite the showers that swept through Frankston this morning, our awesome team of 14 dedicated volunteer managed to complete our 1 hour clean before the rains came.

As the "Bloody Big Swim" had also been scheduled for the day, Frankston City Council had run the rake over the beach, so there really wasn't that much for us to collect. That said however, we did find 1 syringe near the new Frankston Yacht Club and almost 1000 cigarette butts! Yes, that's no misprint, almost 1000 butts carelessly left on or to wash up on our gorgeous beaches.

On the upside though, we did manage to gain some more much needed financial support from The Dharma Hub (formerly Aum Shanti), our favourite Cafe run by two of our original Beach Patrollers, Rebecca and Rob. It is with this in mind that we ask you to show your support towards them and give them your custom whenever you need a bite to eat or a refreshing beverage as without local business such as The Dharma Hub supporting us, we would not be able to continue the services we provide. So to Rebecca and Rob, we thank you for your continued support, both hands on, the discounts you provide our members and the financial support.

3199 Frankston Beach Patrol December Clean Up by 3199@beachpatrol.com.au

In hot and humid conditions, 21 dedicated volunteers made their way to Frankston's main beach area for our last clean up of the year.

Part of the team included Adele Neale from Environment Victoria as well as the Labor Candidate for Dunkley, Peta Murphy.

The day was made extra special thanks to donations from Sand Sculpting Australia, Foot Street Newsagency & Lotto, Cignall Frankston, Peninsula Camera Centre and Ann Copelin which were raffled off by way of a free ticket to everyone who contributed on the day.

Being Summer, Frankston City Council have vamped up their own beach cleaning activities which was evident of much work they are doing by the small number of items we collected: 4 bags totalling 8Kgs.

Thanks to everyone who got behind us for 2015 - our sponsors, supporters, and of course all our volunteers, all of whom contributed to our success.

I look forward to seeing you all again for our first clean for 2016 on January 23rd.

Have a very merry Christmas and happy new year, be safe, and again, I look forward to seeing you on the beach!

John Billing

Group Manager

3199 Frankston Beach Patrol

3199 November Clean Up by 3199@beachpatrol.com.au

Our November Clean Up was moved forward one week to coincide with Coast Guard's annual Blessing of the Fleet. 

Although only attracting a small team of 5 people, we still managed to collect 4 kilos. Thankfully there wasn't too much litter on the beach anyway which further highlights the message is getting out about the importance of being litter wise, not just for the asthetics, but for the conservation and preservation of our delicate marine ecosystems.

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3199 Frankston Beach Patrol fresh clean first Sat 2019 event by 3199@beachpatrol.com.au
We had an amazing fresh clean 2019 Sat beach clean start with many enthusiastic volunteers removing 17 kgs of litter from Long Island beach. Apart from butts & small plastic pieces, we even found money & an inflatable beach swan! Great work from 35 volunteers to give back to the community by helping keep our beach nice & safe for us & marine life!

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