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3198 BeachPatrol
The Seaford Foreshore Reserve is one of the few remaining substantial, continuous strands of natural coastal vegetation near Melbourne. Seaford is notable for this reserve, which divides the beach from Nepean Highway along the whole length of the suburb. This reserve was the site for an extensive dune restoration program undertaken by the Port Phillip Authority in 1972, under the title of the "Seaford Experimental Project". 


The program involved extensive areas of fencing, revegetation and the installation of walking tracks, seats, tables and shelters. The Seaford beach is a long stretch of beautiful beach and 3198Beachpatrol wants to keep it that way. We meet once a month to spend an hour cleaning litter off our beach, then go to a local café afterwards for a coffee and chat. We meet on Sunday mornings. Sign up to get on our email list for cleaning notifications. See us on facebook too

How much difference has 3198 group made in this year?

Kgs of rubbish collectedShopping bags of rubbishVolunteer HoursBottles & cans

How much difference has 3198 group made in Previous years?

Kgs of rubbish collectedShopping bags of rubbishVolunteer HoursBottles & cans

Most Recent 3198 Group Activities

Seaford Beach Patrol June Clean by 3198@beachpatrol.com.au
Thank-you to the 14 legends that removed another 17kg of waste off Seaford Beach on Sunday.

Don't forget that plastic free July is about to begin, we love everyone for their dedication and for being selfless to give up their time and make our beach beautiful again but wouldn't it be so awesome if the beach cleans weren't needed.

NEXT CLEAN is on SUNDAY JULY 23rd, 10am at Seaford Pier
3198 May clean by 3198@beachpatrol.com.au
Thank-you to the 20 super humans that braved the elements and volunteered their Sunday morning to make our beach beautiful and our world a better place.

The Seaford family collected 27kg of waste off the beach, including 110 bottles and cans.
3198 Seaford April Beach clean by 3198@beachpatrol.com.au
WOW! what a glorious day and fantastic effort from 17 awesome volunteers!
33.5kg of disgusting trash removed from the beautiful Seaford beach in just 1 hour.
mostly a mix of plastics, cigarette butts and 45 bottles/cans.
Welcoming back the gorgeous Amy with her new baby beach patroller Joshua, what a cutie.
Always grateful to our dedicated regulars and delighted to meet the new local helpers today!
Thanking-you for a great day
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Next 3198 Beach Clean

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Last 3198 Group Data

Activity DateNo. bagslitter - KgHrs

Last 3198 Group Activity

June 23rd 2019 Clean 3198 BP Beach Patrol McCulloch Avenue by 3198@beachpatrol.com.au

June Beach Clean - June 23rd 2019 Clean
44.6kg total - 3 large bags
34.8 kgs - 2 & 1/2 bag of rubbish
9.8 kgs - 1/2 bag of CDS & 1 poison bucket & glass fish tank
including 54 bottles and cans


Hi Team, 
Thank you for joining us in today! 
You are all so fantastic! We had 28 amazing volunteers join us to help clean up our beaches! In total we picked up 44.6kgs including 54 bottles and cans. 34.8kgs of rubbish and 9.8kgs of recyclables! We also had some of the straws picked up today from some of the bags of rubbish sorted through and put aside, in total there were 198 plastic straws. We must stop using plastic straws! 

The next clean is on July 28th at 10-11am Keast Park.

  1. ½ bag cds

  2. 54 bottles & cans & 1 glass fish tank & 1 large black poison container

  3. 9.8kgs total

  4. 4 nurdle count

  1. 3 large red rubbish bags filled

  2. 44.6kgs

  3. 18 approx

  4. 34.8kgs of rubbish



-large poison container

-metal pole unweighed

- some (not all) straws separated & counted

- 198 straws counted

-bags & clothes found wet


In this year

Most Common Items selected
Plastic fragments < 5cm
Plastic fragments >5 cm
Plastic nurdles (preproduction pallets)

Spotting plastic nurdles

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