3195Mordi Beachpatrol Covering Mordialloc

3195 Mordialloc Beach Patrol

Mordialloc Beach Patrol covers 182,000 m2 of beach, nature reserves and parkland. Mordialloc has number of facilities including the pier, large car parks, cafes, restaurants, nature reserves and picnic areas, all of which can be easily reached by public transport and extensive cycle paths. It also has a lovely, curving promenade running from Pompei Bridge alongside Mordialloc Creek maritime precinct, to the pier and around to the lifesaving club and beyond.

Mordialloc Beach Patrol meets 09:00~10:30 AM on the 3rd Sunday of every month for a 1 hour clean.  


Join us and help keep our beautiful beaches and reserves clean and safe for all to enjoy.

How much difference has 3195 Mordi group made in this year?

Kgs of rubbish collectedShopping bags of rubbishVolunteer HoursBottles & cans

How much difference has 3195 Mordi group made in Previous years?

Kgs of rubbish collectedShopping bags of rubbishVolunteer HoursBottles & cans

Most Recent 3195 Mordi Group Activities

Mordi 3195 October Clean by mordi3195@beachpatrol.com.au

Our fabulous volunteers gathered again and cleansed Mordi Beach of its rubbish. Main culprits as usual were Cigarette Butts, microplastics and Bottles and Cans. Boooooooooo.

Mordialloc 3195 September clean by mordi3195@beachpatrol.com.au

Another great clean by a great bunch of volunteers. Usual suspects picked up, plastic bottles, cans, cig butts, micro plastics, 2 syringes and a coconut.

3195 Mordi July beach clean by mordi3195@beachpatrol.com.au

Mordiallocs wonderful volunteers picked up 35kg of rubbish including 48 bottles and cans. There was an extra amount of micro plastics and single use takeaway containers on the beach this month. ??? Thanks Mordi volunteers for your wonderful work.

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3195 Mordi BP Contact Details

If you live in the area and want to contribute to keeping your beaches clean then Sign up with Mordialloc Beach Patrol to become a member. As a member you will get:

  • Email updates on news and upcoming activities
  • Free Beach Patrol Tee shirt
  • Share some together time at a local cafe after the beach cleaning session
  • Participate in Beach Patrol social functions

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Last 3195Mordi Group Data

Activity DateNo. bagslitter - KgHrs

Last 3195Mordi Group Activity

Mordialloc 3195 July Clean by mordi3195@beachpatrol.com.au
Chilly but beautiful morning for a clean. 28½ kg of rubbish was picked up by 13 fabulous volunteers. Not so many cigarette butts as they were prob washed out by the storms and around into the creek. Thank you to all the Mordi volunteers.

In this year

Most Common Items selected
Drink Containers. All bottles and cans for CDS count
Cigarette butts
Plastic fragments < 5cm

Spotting plastic nurdles

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