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Activity date : Sunday, 9 June 2019
Location : 3030
Full BP/LOS bgs picked up Inc bottles & cans : 100 Bags
Full BP/LOS bgs of drink containers picked up : 55 Bags
Estimated kgs picked up : 400 Kg
Time spent for this event : 36 Hours
Number of collected bottles : 510
Container Volume % of total rubbish : 55%
Number of collected syringes : 0
Cleaned length : 750 m
Cleaned width : 15 m
Cleaned area : 11250 m2
Most common items collected : Drink Containers. All bottles and cans for CDS count
Cigarette butts
Coffee cups and lids
Were there any nurdles? : None

On a bright sunny morning our enthusiastic volunteers collected 219 glass drink bottles,134 plastic drink bottles & 157 drink cans, 130+ slurpee/ coffee cups and 700+ cigarette butts. Other common items were take away food packaging, bait containers & fishing line.  To have this amount of litter at one of Werribees iconic sites is totally unacceptable.  Our next clean up is our 4th Birthday clean on July 14th.  We are holding it at Guyra Court on the Werribee River just upstream of the town centre.  There is also a lot of littter at this site & we plan to invite our Federal & State Members of Parliament & local Councillors nto show them first hand what we encounter at our cleans.

Thanks to all our enthustic volunteers including the Australian India Foundation who provided another great  bbq at the conclusion of the clean.

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