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Activity date : Sunday, 11 February 2018
Location : 3941 Tootgarook
Full BP/LOS bgs picked up Inc bottles & cans : 8 Bags
Full BP/LOS bgs of drink containers picked up : N/A
Estimated kgs picked up : 32 Kg
Time spent for this event : 5 Hours
Number of collected bottles : 9
Container Volume % of total rubbish : N/A
Number of collected syringes : 0
Cleaned length : 350 m
Cleaned width : 25 m
Cleaned area : 8750 m2
Most common items collected : Cigarette butts
Drink Containers. All bottles and cans for CDS count
Plastic fragments < 5cm
Were there any nurdles? : None

On a cool 20 degree day, we had 5 volunteers come out to help. Even though we haven't been here since November the rubbish we collected was a surprisingly low amount. However, we collected the most cigarette butts that we ever had. In total, we gathered over 300 of them! We also found an unopened bottle of Corona, what a bonus.

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